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Let Mahonia Nursery Broker Your Landscape Plan

Whether you are working with a landscape architect or designer to develop the landscape for your new property, or are finally getting the opportunity to renovate your old landscape plan, don’t be intimated about putting your project all together! Mahonia Nursery’s plant brokering services can help you obtain the highest quality plant material for your job in a timely fashion at wholesale costs. Let us use our wide range of horticulture experience, nursery connections and plant knowledge to locate, purchase and deliver the right sized plant material at the right price for your landscape installation. Why spend the time making phone calls trying to locate plant material from retail outlets when Mahonia Nursery can organize, locate, purchase and deliver the plant material to your project for you?

Mahonia Nursery will take the worry out of locating your plant purchases and save you time and money in the process. Whether your dream landscape consists of Oregon natives or rare and unusual perennial plants, we know who grows them and in what sizes. We can easily organize the details of finding and delivering you the best plant material from local sources. Let us work with you to achieve your landscape goals.

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