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May/June 2021

What’s New at Mahonia Nursery and Vineyard in Oregon

“A true poet does not bother to be poetical; nor does a nursery gardener scent his roses.” – Jean Cocteau

General Pricing Structure

Note our general pricing ranges per container size.  Specialty items (Oaks, Sub-Alpine Fir, Madrone, and some others) are individually priced.  Please call the nursery manager at (971) 701-1921 for specific pricing:

  • 1 gallon – $3.20-$4.00
  • 2 gallon – $5.95-$8.25
  • 3 gallon – $7.25-$12.00
  • 5 gallon – $9.05-$15.00
  • 7 gallon – $10.95-$14.00
  • 10 gallon – $13.95-$18.00

Some Basic Guidelines for Purchasing Quercus garryana

Our basic pricing on Q. garryana is $120/caliper inch (measuring the trunk about six inches from the ground in the Fall).  But we grade the trees with some subjectivity because most of the large specimen trees of Quercus garryana on our nursery site are rescued from the wild.  They have not been trained to be uniform like many bare-root shade trees are in other nursery practices.  Consequently, some trees may be a little shorter or taller than other trees of the same caliper; or they may have one-sided branching that we feel puts them into a slightly different quality level; or they may have a stronger or weaker leader than other trees of the same caliper.

We essentially divide our grading into three categories:

A quality = $120.00/caliper inch; A Small = $110/caliper inch

B quality = $100.00/caliper inch; B Small = $90.00/caliper inch

C quality = $80.00/caliper inch; C Small = $70.00/caliper inch

Please note that specimen trees with a 7” caliper and above say “quote” in the price column. These specimen trees are individually priced apart from the standard $120.00/caliper inch guideline.  These trees are quoted prices because they require larger equipment to dig them, remove them and load them, and require more time to prepare for transportation.  In some cases these larger caliper trees are quoted up to $360.00/caliper inch.

You should consider what qualities are most important to you when picking out Q. garryana: Are you looking for uniformity in height and shape rather than uniformity in caliper size (if you are purchasing more than one tree?); or do you just need a certain caliper minimum regardless of other qualities?

Quercus garryana (in the field)

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Quercus garryana (in pots)

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Quercus garryana

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